Welcome to the world of harmony, wellness,
and abundance

Who we are

Nestled in the lush green surroundings and blessed with pristine waters in its vicinity, The Hidden Oasis is an embodiment of spiritual bliss. It is truly a mesmerizing place where all the five elements of nature Air, Fire, Ether, Water and Sky merge to create perfect harmony. A mecca for mindfulness and wellness seekers, it is a home away from home. A hidden treasure of positivity, wellness, and joy.

When you enter The Hidden Oasis, you enter a whole new world of positivity and healing prana. Pristine nature, great food, and warm hospitality will rejuvenate your mind, body & soul. A no-frills stay offered here ensures you are closer to nature and become one with it.

Everything about The Hidden Oasis is so blissful and energizing that it leaves you spellbound. Plunge into an adventure, get your hands dirty in the farms, merely relax by the lakeside or enroll for our unique Yes You Can Holistic Living program, anything you choose to do will simply make you happy. 

With many resorts near Pune claiming to offer you an authentic eco resort experience, The Hidden Oasis stands tall in the league.

Our Story

What started off as a family’s retirement plan of running a small orphanage, has now culminated into a dream reality. In July 2002, Sai Children’s Home came into being as a shelter for six destitute children. Once the orphanage took roots, a need was felt to make it self-sustainable, and thus the idea of ‘The Hidden Oasis’ was born. It took close to 2 decades of dedicated efforts to transform this once barren piece of land into a lush green eco-resort. The Hidden Oasis is a bustling center for wellness, spiritual bliss and inner-awakening seekers. It is also an ideal destination for families, corporates, artists, writers, nature enthusiasts, college students and schoolchildren. 


What makes us Special

The Hidden Oasis, Pune is a living example of environmental conservation: electricity generated from solar panels, rainwater harvesting, water-shedding, biogas plant, solar cookers, organic farming and a natural forest which is now a habitat for native and migratory birds. Since our inception in 2002, we have been guided by the philosophy of ecological sustainability. We have remained committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by integrating transparent eco-friendly practices throughout the resort – a pledge to reduce energy consumption.

In order to sync with nature and pure energies, we serve only pure vegetarian and home-style cuisines cooked with love. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in our premises.

We also specialise in vegan delicacies. You can choose to detox your body with our juice feasting regime. The positive energies and tranquil surroundings have a profound effect on participants during spiritual and healing retreats. Wake up to the sounds of birds, breathe in pure air, absorb the high energies, feel rejuvenated, heal your mind, body and soul.

Come discover happiness in nature and experience bliss. Be You!