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The Hidden Oasis, aptly named, is truly a beautiful paradise in the middle of a desert. A stone’s throw away from the city, The Hidden Oasis is not only a fantastic escape from the urban jungle of Pune but also provides healing for the spirit. The incredible families that run this incredible place, infuse it with warmth and love, truly making this a welcoming home. My family and I think of this incredible place as our home away from home.
Samir Nicholas Patham
Director, Adventure Pulse
My partner and I have been regular guests at the Hidden Oasis since 2007. So we have had the privilege of watching it blossom into a gorgeous eco-resort. Cut to 2020… you will find a lush campus along the lake with multiple water bodies inside too. The profusion of colour and greenery will astound you. Just an hour from the hustle-bustle of Pune, suddenly you step into a forest. Albeit a forest, there are well-appointed rooms with clean bathrooms. The cherry on the top is the food. A large part of the veggies is grown on-site. And whether it is their delicious authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, the Juices, the delicious smoothies, fast food menu, or the lifestyle disease reversal meals, all this makes it worthwhile to just make a visit to this amazing place. We would be remiss to miss speaking about their staff who are polite, efficient, and knowledgeable about the area and its resources.
Kashmira Mody
Transformation Coach
I have known The Hidden Oasis and its fabulous team for the past 10 years and it seems I have known them forever. The first time I visited this beautiful place, I felt an instant connection. I recognized the enormous energy and hard work that must have gone into converting this piece of land into a haven for so many tired souls. For Mr. Shipchandler and his staff, it's been a true labour of love. Being able to visit this wonderful place and its people has been a privilege that I hope I will never take for granted. Thank you and God bless you all.
Mr. & Mrs. Bishwadeep Banerjee
Naval Architect & Entrepreneur
Our experience at The Hidden Oasis was truly rejuvenating. It is a natural heaven. The resort has the best natural serenity, a beautiful lake in its vicinity, an amazing rainwater dance facility, quite a few interesting adventurous activities to do, and above all amazing hospitality! It is an abode of happiness and offers a once in a lifetime experience! The founders Mr. Yunus and Dr. Durriya lead from the front to take care of guests and the courteous staff ensure everyone is taken care of superbly! You have to be there to experience this beautiful natural resort.
Reena and Darshak Shah
Directors, Madhu Silica Pvt Ltd.
I attended the Yes You Can program along with my father. The program had interesting activities planned for all the 3 days. Yunus uncle himself guided us through all the details of the program, our schedule and routine. The various activities included yoga, meditation, learning the EFT technique and interesting insights about our body. The healthy and nutritious food played a vital role in bringing balance and harmony. The accommodation was neat and clean. The trees, birds and natural flowing sounds of water enhanced the experience to a different level. Yunus uncle, Dr Durriya and their son Shamoy brilliantly contributed to the program. We came to learn but went back experiencing a holistic change in our mind, body and soul. I will be indebted to him ever for giving much more.
Hazeka Ginwala
I have visited The Hidden Oasis for a week-long Holistic Living Program with my husband, mother, and my 3-year-old daughter. During my stay, I discovered that The Hidden Oasis is a collection of many Hidden Gems; Gems of love, health, compassion, friendship, and many more. This place is so beautiful and blissful. It is so much close to the real Mother Earth. I got to learn the true meaning of life here, this place tells you that joy is in little things you do. I discovered my spiritual side here. This place lets you discover your inner child. I also discovered a new dimension of my daughter who I never imagined would follow all the activities as part of the Holistic Living Program which I had enrolled for. This place also offers you amazing exercise sessions, activities like rope climbing, trampoline, farming, and many more. I can speak for hours about this beautiful and soulful place, however, I would urge you to discover the magic yourself with the real jewels of this place - Yunus Sir and Duria Ma’am. We love you loads. Thank you for the lovely experience! You guys are doing the most difficult job on earth that's Making People Happy & Discover themselves!
IT Lead Business Analyst
With Profound Gratitude and Privilege, I am writing this testimonial for "The Hidden Oasis Eco Resort", and its management and staff. I had come to THO for the first time last year in March 2019 and was desperate to get control of my health - both physical and mental well-being. What I achieved or rather was given was nothing short of an unknowing miracle called grip on life and an ability to understand my own self, my own body, and mind without any assertion, friction, or condescending pressure. I can go on and on about the location, people, the purpose/mission that the founding family has created, and how contagious is their passion for living guilt-free, and spirited their methods are. Believe me, there is no such much one can such fix here. As you enter the gates of THO, you feel special. The uniqueness of this place and their facilitation methodology shifts so much inside you without you putting in much of an effort or feeling pressurized. The Hygiene level, the landscape, the food, the ability to impart a purpose for healthy living, and the importance of being grateful for being alive to yourself and the universe is simply amazing. I have been here twice and am also a very vocal advocate for everyone to spend at least a week at THO if you want to see a transformation in you.
Mehul Patel
Business Owner
Hidden Oasis is a place where you find the meaning and purpose of your life. It's a place where your way of thinking and living gets transformed. When my team and I attended the Yes You Can program, we experienced immense joy and learnt how to admire life and nature. Our three days were full of learning, meditating, masti, action, drama, thrill and surprises. On top of it, the food served here was super delicious. Dr Durriya, Yunus bhai and the entire crew makes every moment special and worth repeating every year. We would love to come back here many times.
Ashok Jain
MD Medicca Press Limited