Why visit us?

An Oasis of Serenity

Perfectly dotted with lush green plantations and a vast water body,  that simply leaves you mesmerised. Once you enter this mystic place, you become a part of the omni-present wilderness.

At The Hidden Oasis, one of the best forest resorts near Pune, you are simply transported to a zone of self-discovery and soul search.

Wellness Retreat

The vibrant energy of this eco-resort offers an ideal destination for organizing various wellness retreats. Yoga and meditation sessions conducted here are truly soul-stirring and heal your mind, body, and soul. You simply experience bliss here.

Yunus and Dr. Durriya’s flagship program series, ‘Yes You Can’ are brilliantly crafted holistic living and mindfulness workshops which is something not to be missed.

Vegan’s Paradise

We believe in living in harmony with nature, hence we choose to serve you healthy, nutrient-dense plant food from the earth to nourish your body, mind, and soul. 

If you are searching for vegan weekend getaways near Pune, visit us. We believe vegetarianism and veganism offer healthy eating options which are also good for our environment. Therefore, we serve delicious cuisine made from fresh, local, and organic produce of our farms.

Value for money

A no-frills stay offered here ensures you are closer to nature and become one with it.

Every rupee spent here is an investment in yourself.

You get back home completely recharged and ready to take on life with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Brilliant Hosts

At The Hidden Oasis, best among family friendly resorts, we have an amazing team of hosts who ensure that your stay with us is superb.

Mother Nature is our inspiration, everything served here, is served with great love and compassion.