Couple's Wellness Retreat

28th September – 2nd October 2023


28th September – 2nd October 2023

Unlock the Power Within: Transform Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Registrations ends on 15th September 2023

Couple's Wellness Retreat

Are You Facing these Challenges?


Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?


Out of shape?

Suffering from low immunity?


Struggling with health issues?

Feeling low on energy?

Struggling with poor self-image and low self- esteem?

Our program is designed to help you overcome these challenges & empower you to improve your well-being.

Program Outline

Meditation and Yoga Techniques

Explore various meditation and yoga techniques to help you connect with your inner self and promote relaxation.

Power of Subconscious Mind

Understand how your subconscious mind works and learn techniques to harness its power to improve your life.

Emotional Baggage Release

Learn effective techniques to let go of past and present emotional baggage, empowering you to move forward and live in the present.

Health and Nutrition

Discover the benefits of eating right, and learn practical tips for managing your health, weight, and body shape.

Juice Feast

Experience a day of detoxification and rejuvenation with a specially curated juice feast to help cleanse your body and mind.

Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in a deep healing experience through our sound healing session, which uses the power of sound waves to relax your mind and promote physical healing.

Program Benefits

  • Re-energize your life and find your spark again
  • Rejuvenate your body and mind for optimal health
  • Boost your energy levels and unlock your creative potential
  • Learn daily health practices to strengthen your immune system
  • Unlock new ways to improve your mental health and cultivate a positive mindset
  • Become part of a community that also is on the same journey as you and get inspired to be the best you
  • Learn to cultivate harmonious relationships both at home and in the workplace, promoting a fulfilling and successful life

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Program Facilitators

Meet Yunus and Dr. Durriya Shipchandler, renowned for their expertise in both inner and outer wellness. They have created the ‘Yes You Can’ program series, an immersive wellness retreat set in breathtaking natural surroundings. As founders of The Hidden Oasis and primary facilitators of this series, they have conducted numerous holistic living and inner transformation workshops for individuals, leading corporate houses, and youth. Their charismatic personalities infuse each session with a unique energy, leaving you rejuvenated and transformed

Meet our Team

Dr. Durriya Shipchandler

Dr.Durriya is not your ordinary doctor. She believes that food is medicine & her passion for natural healing methods will propel your wellness to the next level.

Capt. Yunus Shipchindler

Is a passionate yoga practitioner, and a stress and relationship expert, who will take you through a healing journey for your physical and mental well-being.


Sarab is the Marketing head of THO. Along with this, she is an accomplished chef & an organic farmer. A combination that will entice your taste buds & spruce your health.

Shamoy Shipchandler

Shamoy, actively involved in biodynamic organic farming; is a warm and loving host, and the backbone for organizing retreats & programs at The Hidden Oasis.

Dr. Bindu Bendre

Dr. Bindu, PhD in Sound Healing is prolific with her work. Her sessions bring about deep relaxation and healing in one of the most blissful ways.


Vishnu, our diligent Manager, ensures the most comfortable stay for our guests with his smiling and caring

Program Packages

The charges below are inclusive of accommodation, meals, amenities, and program charges.
Availability of rooms is based on a first come first basis.


Your Investment: ₹23,625


Your Investment: ₹21,625


Your Investment: ₹13,875


Upcoming Events

YYC-1 Beginners Program
28th September - 2nd October 2023
17th January - 21st January 2024
YYC-2 Advanced Program
10th April - 14th April 2024
Elevate your wellness journey with the C Advanced Program, where you’ll delve into rejuvenating practices like juice feasting, water fasting, and transitioning to a whole food, plant-based diet. Unlock the next level of vitality and healing, exclusively available only to those who have successfully completed the YYC beginner program and the invigorating 23-day smoothie challenge.
Couple's Wellness Retreat
13th October - 15th October 2023
15th December - 17th December 2023
2nd February - 4th February 2024
Embark on a transformative Couples Wellness retreat, where you and your partner will discover profound connection, foster intimacy, and rekindle your bond amidst the healing embrace of pure nature.

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Together, let's build a healthier you!!


Please note that the program "YES YOU CAN" is designed solely as a general health and wellness program aimed at enhancing your overall health & lifestyle. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any particular health condition. The program should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The program "YES YOU CAN" is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences arising from the use of the program or the implementation of any recommendations provided. It is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new health or wellness program, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns.

The media such as photos and videos will be used by The Hidden Oasis and I consent and acknowledge the same as above.


The YYC team looks forward to meeting you!


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