Yes you can

Unlock the potential of your mind, body and soul

When you come to The Hidden Oasis, you foster your spiritual and creative growth by discovering your true self. Upgrade your life and become the best of you. Yes, You Can!

Learn the art of mastering your mind, body and soul. Achieve self-mastery and improve the quality of your overall being. Excel in the now!

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    Yes You Can Program Outline:​

    1. Learn and experience different meditation and yoga techniques
    2. Understand the power of the subconscious mind
    3. Learn the powerful techniques to free yourself of your past and present emotional baggage
    4. Know the benefits of eating right. Learn how to manage your health, weight and body shape
    5. Detox your body with a day of juice feasting

    Yes You Can Program benefits:​

    1. Regain your zest for life
    2. Increase your energy levels and enhance your
    3. Revitalize your physical and mental health
    4. Learn the daily health secrets to boost your
      immune system
    5. Discover new dimensions of enhancing your
      mental health and building a positive attitude
    6. Master the art of creating and maintaining harmonious relationships in your family and work domain


    Yunus and Dr. Durriya Shipchandler are the names synonymous with Inner and Outer Wellness. They created the ‘Yes You Can’ program series to offer a unique experiential wellness retreat in the surreal natural surroundings. As the founders of The Hidden Oasis and the key facilitators of this program series, they have conducted multiple holistic living and inner transformation workshops for leading corporate houses, individuals, and the youth. Their enigmatic personalities provide unique energy to each session they conduct.

    Dr. Durriya Shipchandler
    Yunus Shipchandler


    happy participants

    When my team and I attended the Yes You Can program, we experienced immense joy and learnt how to admire life and nature.
    I attended the Yes You Can program along with my father. The program had interesting activities planned for all the 3 days.